7 Healthy Ways to Deal With Divorce Stress

For many people, going through a divorce or separation is one of the hardest times of their entire lives. It can lead people to shut down, block others out, or find themselves inside their own heads constantly. The rest of your life doesn’t stop, either – finding time to take care of yourself in an unprecedented time can be hard while still going to your job and, for some, taking care of their kids.

Don’t make things worse by ignoring or mismanaging your feelings. Here are 7 healthy ways to help you deal with divorce stress:

Don’t Shut Out Your Feelings

It is common to make the mistake of “turning off” your sadness, pain, anger, or fear. Even worse, some people feel bad or guilty about experiencing these negative emotions. You never have to feel guilty about any emotion you are feeling. The trick is in feeling it and then letting it go, not living in it.

Find a Support System

Whether it is your friends, family, others going through the same experience, or an actual support group, finding an outlet of other people to be physically interacting with is essential. Make sure your support system is dependable and that they will be with you through the bad times and the fun times.

Be Good to Your Body

It can be even harder than usual during a divorce, but maybe don’t drown in ice cream and wine. Staying physically connected in your body will help you manage your stress more efficiently, and can help provide a welcome distraction.

Find Some New (or Old) Hobbies

Is there something you used to do before getting married or having kids that you might enjoy picking back up? Painting, reading, writing poetry, listening to new music, or polishing your rock collection? Now that you have more free time, try to pick something new (or old) up.

Let Go of What You Can

Give yourself permission to let go of some of your stress and fear. Focus on letting go of things that you cannot control. While divorce is extremely important and should be focused on, many aspects of it are entirely out of your hands. Don’t waste energy worrying about those.

Read a Good Book

May we suggest a comedy?

Ask For Help

If you are going through a divorce, contact Waserstein & Nunez today to talk to someone who cares! We know how tough the situation can be and will do everything we can to lift some weight off of your shoulders. We focus on providing real world solutions to real world problems!

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