Commercial & Business Litigation

We Create Innovative Strategies to Solve Complex Business Disputes

While the vast majority of business relationships are conducted with almost no issues, there are times when disputes arise and need to be dealt with through the legal system. Waserstein & Nunez, PLLC has built our business litigation practice around our willingness to not only take on the most difficult and complex cases, but also our ability to represent our clients’ interests successfully.

Our team of attorneys takes the time necessary to truly understand each aspect of a business dispute, and then works to craft effective and convincing arguments. These types of cases can require months of research, planning, and time in the courtroom to be handled successfully, which is why many firms tend to turn them down. Here at Waserstein & Nunez, PLLC, we are not just looking for the ‘quick win’ type of cases. We want to build relationships with our clients, and be there for them through the long haul.

Effective Business Litigation in Any Courtroom

In today’s global business environment, it is not always a dispute with the company down the street that needs to be resolved through litigation. With this in mind, you need legal representation that can effectively work in not only state and federal courts, but also effectively address international legal issues. Our team of attorneys has experience successfully helping our clients through complex litigation against companies from around the world. This includes litigating issues such as:

  • Contractual Disputes
  • Securities Issues
  • Lender Liability Problems
  • Aviation Suits
  • Construction Complications
  • Intellectual Property Lawsuit
  • Employment Disputes
  • Probate Issues
  • Much More

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If you are having any type of legal dispute with another business, whether you are looking to sue another company, or you are being sued, we are here to help. Our firm has decades of experience representing clients in virtually every type of business litigation. Please contact us to discuss your options, and determine what the right next steps may be in your specific situation.