Our Founders

The Founders

Founders Steve L. Waserstein and Carlos A. Nunez combine their transactional and litigation practices to create Waserstein & Nunez PLLC.   Steve L. Waserstein and Carlos A. Nunez have been working together as a team for over 20 years.  We created our firm because we share the same principles and values.  We help our clients from start to finish, whether negotiating a deal or taking the case to trial, we work for our clients.

Client First. Solutions. Ready for Trial. Flexible Fee Structures.

Attorney Steve L. Waserstein

Email: steve@wnlawgroup.com

Steve L. Waserstein, who is fluent in Spanish, represents clients from around the world including, the USA, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. He has a Masters in Tax law and Accounting degree which he uses along with his experience in business and investments to provide legal advice.   

For over 25 years, Mr. Waserstein has helped clients in the tax, business and real estate arenas including:

  • U.S. and International tax advice and planning
  • Estate Planning including being appointed as trustee and personal representative
  • U.S. tax compliance including Voluntary Disclosure Program and Streamlined Procedures
  • IRS civil and criminal audits, exams, investigations
  • IRS administrative appeals and tax court involving tax disputes
  • The negotiating and preparation of agreements including operating/shareholder agreements, joint venture agreement, employment agreements, settlement agreements, and licensing agreements; 
  • The buying and selling of a business
  • Raising equity and debt capital
  • Real estate transactions – residential, commercial, condominium, development, and restructuring
  • Purchase of assets including URLs, trademarks, social media accounts and domain names
  • Probate and guardianship

“We are dealmakers not deal breakers.”  “We are goal and solution-driven, we are not there just for the ride.”

Attorney Carlos A. Nuñez

Email: carlos@wnlawgroup.com

Carlos Nunez. a founding member of Waserstein & Nunez, PLLC, is an accomplished civil and commercial attorney. He has litigated cases in arbitrations, State courts and Federal courts involving international asset recovery, assistance to foreign tribunals, commercial contracts and torts, trademark infringement, banking, cyber heists, securities violations, complex fraud, international sales of goods, breaches of fiduciary duties, procuring broker claims, racketeering, and theft. He has represented corporate, governmental, and individual clients located around the world.

Mr. Nunez and his law firm are members of STARNet (www.recoverassets.com), a growing alliance of independent law firms created to provide financial institutions and governments with multi-disciplinary services across countries and jurisdictions to locate, freeze and ultimately recover stolen assets related to cyber heists and corruption.

He has represented a foreign embassy and individuals referred from it, including diplomats and royal family members in criminal, civil and regulatory matters.  Among his cases are the following:

  • Represented South American Bank in the successful recovery of funds stolen in a major cyber heist.
  • Recovered more than $140 Million for South American Bankers.
  • Obtained a $209 Million Judgment in an Asset Recovery Matter.
  • Successfully prosecuted and defended international arbitration involving the multi-million dollars sale of goods.
  • Conducted Asset Recovery Investigation for a South American Central Bank.
  • Defended Colombian Bank Involved in Money-Laundering Investigation.
  • Defended Officer of US Beverage Company Accused of Fraud and Racketeering.
  • Represented clients in 28 USC § 1782 proceedings.
  • Represented clients in corporate governance litigation.
  • Represented Investors Victims of Breaches of Fiduciary Duties and Securities Violations.
  • Represented clients as procuring brokers in the purchase and sale of real estate.