What Makes a Parent Unfit in Florida?

When your child’s other parent puts your child in jeopardy, you may need to take action to protect them. You can do so by proving to the Florida family courts that they are unfit. However, proving a parent is unfit can be challenging. Here is more about what you can do to prove a parent is unfit under the law.  When Is a Parent Unfit Under Florida Law? According to Florida Statute §751.05, parents can be found unfit Read More

Sales to Intentionally Defective Irrevocable Grantor Trusts and New Regulations

An intentionally defective grantor trust (IDGT) is an estate planning  arrangement that essentially freezes your assets for estate tax purposes. Established as a grantor trust, it has a loophole that lets you continue paying annual income taxes on certain trust property, allowing the trust to grow without using its assets to pay income taxes. As a result, the trust essentially receives a tax-free gift and you reduce Read More

Understanding the Difference Between Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts

Our team at Waserstein & Nunez helps both local and international clients make sure their estates are in order and set up for success. We find that many clients come to us with the idea that an estate is simply a will or a trust, but the truth is that there are several ways to establish and secure your estate. Nobody has lived the same circumstances as the next person. Ultimately, we all have our own experiences Read More

How Do I Know What My Trademark Is Worth?

Businesses around the world have seen the importance of protecting their intellectual property and securing their brand through trademark protection. This step is necessary to make sure your unique brand isn’t exploited by competitors, both big and little. There also may come a time when you need to get a full valuation of your business for financial purposes such as attracting investors, securing necessary business Read More

Crafting the Perfect Slogan for a Trademark

A catchy slogan can set your brand apart from the crowd. We all know a handful of slogans we can’t get out of our heads and the exact company behind the catchphrase. If you’re thinking about setting one up to distinguish your brand, we want to help. However, it’s important to understand what types of slogans can be registered as a trademark and which will fall short of the requirements. The U.S Patent and Trademark Read More

Take These Steps to Avoid a Trademark Cancellation

When you establish a trademark for your intellectual property, not only are you protecting your hard work but you’re increasing the value of your business. Businesses with extensive intellectual property portfolios have more power in the market. You’re in control of important and defining business properties. The process of establishing a trademark can be a bit tedious, and it’s important to remember a successful Read More

How to Keep Your Estate Out of Probate

The legal team at Waserstein & Nunez believes in a painless and straightforward estate planning approach. It’s imperative to have the right plan in place and to make sure all of your wishes are in order to be properly fulfilled. Unfortunately, the estate planning process has plenty of bumps in the road, especially if you don’t know where to look. Probate doesn’t always disrupt your plans, but the process is an Read More

Establishing Residency in Florida Could Be the Financial Boost You Need

As attorneys based in Florida, we understand the many benefits of living in the Sunshine State. It’s exactly why population trends have Florida on the rise as the state with the largest domestic migration growth in recent census data. With so many people moving here, we see plenty of people wondering what the appeal is and how to actually establish residency here. We understand many people spend part but not all of Read More

How Taxes Work with Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency may feel like a new phenomenon to a lot of people, but the concept actually dates all the way back to the mid-2000s. You might remember hearing brief conversations and reports about Bitcoin in those times, but the market has EXPLODED since then. Over this timeframe, millions of people have invested in and profited from different cryptocurrencies. The time has also allowed the Internal Revenue Service Read More

How College Athletes Can Protect Their Image With New NIL Rules

College athletes are now able to sign Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deals to profit off their success on the field of play. It’s been a long time coming, with years and years of debate on how to shift some of the billions universities make off athletics into the pockets of the athletes at the center of it all. This is a major opportunity, especially for athletes who don’t come from money in the first place. Read More