Business Destruction and Litigation

It is very difficult to create, operate and maintain a successful business.  There are so many ways for a business to run into trouble.  One trouble is legal such as a shareholder/owner dispute, a lawsuit, employee lawsuit, and other disputes.  A lawsuit or an investigation can destroy a business. The goal is to place a business in a position to reduce liability. No matter what your business does, we can guess most Read More

5 New Year’s Resolutions For Recently Divorced Parents

The New Year is a time for rest, reflection, and resolutions. When you’ve recently gone through major changes in your personal life, looking back can be a little hard. Instead, focus on looking forward: what you hope to change and how you want to be a year from now. Here are our 5 New Year’s Resolutions for parents who just got divorced: Focus On the Kids You might be sick of hearing this one, but it’s true. When you Read More

Proposed Major Changes To Grantor Trusts and Estate Planning

There is currently a huge hot topic regarding proposed, impending changes to the Estate Planning and tax world. To catch you up to speed, Estate Planning is the process of working with an attorney to create a legally-binding plan for what will happen to your belongings, property, and remaining money after you pass away. Those things you have and intend to leave behind are your assets. Estate Planning can be Read More

The 3 Greatest Liabilities in Asset Protection

Asset Protection is essential to maintaining wealth. As anyone with a career, a family, property, or a good reputation can tell you, the most important part of achieving success is protecting it and holding onto it. At Waserstein & Nunez, we know how to protect the most important assets in your life - and we know the things that can threaten them most. When it comes to Asset Protection and maintaining, Read More

4 Surprising Things an Estate Plan Can Do

Most people are familiar with the basic concept of Estate Planning. Estate Planning is the process of working with an attorney to create a legally-binding plan for what will happen to your belongings and property (known as your estate) and your remaining funds (known as your assets) after you pass away. Estate Planning is important because if you don’t make these decisions yourself, they will be made for you in Read More

How To Financially Prepare For a Divorce

Preparing for life after divorce can feel like painting a picture of someone you’ve never seen. Most people’s lives change in every way imaginable on the other side of divorce - your day-to-day lifestyle, your habits, your finances, your hobbies, your sleep schedule, your independence, even your diet. Thankfully, some of these aspects are easier to prepare for than others. Going into a divorce, couples are often Read More

How Can I Protect My Business From Financial Fraud?

Every year, thousands (maybe even millions) of business owners suffer losses due to various types of financial fraud. Smaller businesses in particular are at greater risk because owners don’t always have the time to closely review bank statements, expense reports, and credit card bills. By the time the fraud becomes obvious, it’s usually too late. In this Blog, the financial fraud and asset recovery attorneys at Read More

What Happens If Someone Else is Using My Trademark?

While doing a Google search, you discover that another business is using the same name as yours - one that you’ve trademarked.  You’re upset, and with good reason. You’ve spent a lot of time and money securing that trademark as well as promoting your brand on your website, print media, and even the occasional highway billboard. How can you get this other company to stop what appears to be infringement? Make Sure It’s Read More

7 Healthy Ways to Deal With Divorce Stress

For many people, going through a divorce or separation is one of the hardest times of their entire lives. It can lead people to shut down, block others out, or find themselves inside their own heads constantly. The rest of your life doesn’t stop, either - finding time to take care of yourself in an unprecedented time can be hard while still going to your job and, for some, taking care of their kids. Don’t make Read More

Arbitration vs. Litigation: Which is Right for My Company?

For thousands of years, conflicts have been resolved through litigation. Recently, more forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution have popped up, including arbitration and mediation. With all of the options available, it can be difficult to know what to set as standard for your company. To begin with, let’s explain the most popular conflict resolution methods: Litigation is a traditional court setting where a Judge Read More