What Happens If Someone Else is Using My Trademark?

While doing a Google search, you discover that another business is using the same name as yours - one that you’ve trademarked.  You’re upset, and with good reason. You’ve spent a lot of time and money securing that trademark as well as promoting your brand on your website, print media, and even the occasional highway billboard. How can you get this other company to stop what appears to be infringement? Make Sure It’s Read More

7 Healthy Ways to Deal With Divorce Stress

For many people, going through a divorce or separation is one of the hardest times of their entire lives. It can lead people to shut down, block others out, or find themselves inside their own heads constantly. The rest of your life doesn’t stop, either - finding time to take care of yourself in an unprecedented time can be hard while still going to your job and, for some, taking care of their kids. Don’t make Read More

Arbitration vs. Litigation: Which is Right for My Company?

For thousands of years, conflicts have been resolved through litigation. Recently, more forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution have popped up, including arbitration and mediation. With all of the options available, it can be difficult to know what to set as standard for your company. To begin with, let’s explain the most popular conflict resolution methods: Litigation is a traditional court setting where a Judge Read More

5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Privacy Policy

If you have a website, chances are that you need a Privacy Policy. A Privacy Policy is a page on your website that concisely states how you gather, use, and disclose the personal data of visitors who access your page. It should be easily accessible to your visitors. While this may sound like news, almost every single website already has one in place. Here are our 5 reasons why your business’s website needs a strong Read More

An Overview of Force Majeure Clauses

After what can be partly characterized as false hope that the U.S. might be able to keep COVID-19 at bay until a successful vaccine is ready for mass production, the past couple of months have shown that we will be dealing with the virus for quite some time. The fallout from the coronavirus is affecting nearly every part of our lives. Businesses, which often live and die based on the durability of their underlying Read More

Do You Have a Plan? Uncertain Times Require the Right Estate Plan

We live in crazy and uncertain times. So far, over 12,000,000 people have contracted the virus named COVID-19 and over 520,000 people have died. These numbers are likely understated and will continue to rise. Economies and travel worldwide have been shut down and are slowly opening, but our way of living life has changed dramatically. To top it off, riots have engulfed the USA and now a new swine flu may be Read More